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Maximizing Individual and Team Productivity/Creativity

Don Thoren             Individual productivity and team productivity are not incompatible.  They are integral components of an organization whole that, when fully integrated, improve results. While teamwork has… Continue reading

Discovering Innovative ‘3rd Ideas’

Discovering Innovative ‘3rd Ideas’ A Conflict-Readiness Approach to Releasing Creativity   By Don and Kathleen Thoren Based on our research within various economic sectors in North America & Western Europe, we discovered the following explosive and expensive fact.  People… Continue reading

Exercising Leadership Through Coaching

By Don and Kathleen Thoren Exercising leadership through coaching involves reinforcing positive performance as well as focusing your coaching efforts on unrealized opportunities and unresolved problems. As you focus on unrealized opportunities and unresolved problems, it is vital to use… Continue reading

Rescuing the Promise of Teams

By Donald R. Farr Unfortunately, just as calling a horse a “cow” will not produce milk, the act of calling a group of people “a team” will not produce positive productivity results. Much has been said about “teams” and “teaming”… Continue reading