Maximizing Individual and Team Productivity/Creativity

Don Thoren            

Individual productivity and team productivity are not incompatible.  They are integral components of an organization whole that, when fully integrated, improve results. While teamwork has eternal roots, organizations have continued to elevate it’s importance since the advent of “Japanese management’ swept the world in the 70’s.  The current team focus is on “collaboration” with the promise of better decisions. A good plan!

Meanwhile, individual productivity improvement is tied mostly to technical & internet skills. Individuals are the basic building block of teams, but some leaders seem afraid to encourage individuality, self-determination and passionate debate over ideas for fear of obstructing team accomplishment. Perhaps a “Politically correct” concern causes us to focus more on compromise vs. passionately fighting for one’s ideas.  If so, could the maverick thinker feel forced to find live outside usual organizational structures to the detriment of all?

I believe we can honor individuality while improving team performance through skills and strategies that improve understanding, build real trust, and foster innovation.

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